Thursday, July 21, 2011

TV Club & Forgotten Thoughts From 2004

TV Club Section

John - Right, I didn't mean to suggest that you were a fan of Lard of the Dance or anything- I merely wanted to express my disdain for any bad episode post-season 8. Wizard of Evergreen Terrace is one of my favorites from season 10, though, and contains a lot of great jokes from John Schwartzwelder (who maybe you're not too familiar with, but from what I know about him and you I feel like the two of you would get along). And I have watched that episode recently, too, so I won't come back later and rant about how crappy it is.

Thinking more on Box Cutter, I have to say I'm starting to back down over my concerns that show is losing some credibility and would really just like to double-down on my feelings that I'm not crazy about the show's new direction. I still love it and think it's one of the best shows on television despite that, and I will continue to tune in each week. And to some extent, I agree with you, it would be silly for me to suddenly start picking the show apart this late. But obviously TV shows are different from movies. With movies, I do hate the people who buy into the first forty minutes and then, because they don't like something about the resolution, start nitpicking. With a TV show, though, the writers look for new directions with each season and it's constantly changing. In fact, they can implement a new direction they did on BB last season. But yeah, all in all, I just liked the first half of season 3 a lot more than the second half.

And I think I've boiled down the actual reason for why I'm not crazy about where the show is right now. I really like Gus and Mike as characters, and I think I'm bothered by the fact that they now want Walt and Jesse dead. This town ain't big enough for the four of them. I want to see them in a buddy montage with "Why Can't We Be Friends" playing in the background, I guess. (Similar to Brandon's criticism of the Harry Potter franchise) Part of me knows that Jesse and Walt will never be killed off, so I feel the show is wasting time in suggesting that they could killed. There are Emmys to be won.

Film Club Section

I forgot to say a few things about my '04 list this morning. Obviously it should seem silly that I would include movies on my list that I don't remember. I deserve shit for that, but I know Jeff and Brandon have had this conversation before. And similar to Jeff, the reason why I have those forgotten films on my list is 1 - I really liked them at the time and recorded my lists at a time when I remembered things about them. 2 - if I had to go with another film that I actually remembered from that year, it would be something I really don't like (Spider-Man 2 in this case). I've also made plans to re-watch those movies and The Aviator is on the top of my list.

I see that some people included I Heart Huckabees on their lists. I need to re-watch that one as well, but I really hate David O. Russell, man.

Also another popular one - Before Sunset. I watched Before Sunrise a couple of months ago and really enjoyed it. Despite that, I have yet to see the sequel. It's on NIW and everything - I really have no excuse. But yeah, as soon as I do see it, I imagine it will overtake something on my list. I feel like Anchorman is the first thing to go even though it's number 7. Who knows. I'm kinda happy with that pick, despite how popular it is. I just love me some comedies.

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