Friday, July 8, 2011

Ow! That's My Whipping Arm!

John - Thanks man; glad to be here. On The Simpsons Movie, I think I mostly feel indifferent towards it. There was a lot of hype (rightfully so) and I definitely bought into all of that - I admit to going into 7-11s more than I should've for the sole reason that they were converted into Kwik-E-Marts. I was also excited given the writers of the script (many of the people who wrote the best episodes). But despite all of that, I was a little disappointed with the jokes. Even though the show isn't as funny as it was fifteen+ years ago, I still expected to laugh more than I did.

I think I will look back on the theater experience fondly, though. I did take enjoyment from it and I did buy the DVD on the day of its release. It's the only Simpsons movie we have, so for that reason it will always be special. I just wish they had made a movie during the peak of the show's quality. They talked about doing one back in 1992, and I think it would have been better then. It's definitely difficult - the show has explored hundreds of scenarios (multiple times in some cases), so it's tough to keep coming up with new jokes and new storylines. As much as I love the show, I do wish it would end. I think the only reason why they're still putting out new episodes is to completely shatter Gunsmoke's record.

Thank you, too, Lisa. Happy Early Birthday. And yep, I'm officially the new guy now, so everyone feel free to treat me as such. I don't mind.

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