Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Want a New Drug

Huey Lewis and the News references are fun.

Brandon, adderall is a gateway drug to cocaine. Similarly to how good gore is a gateway drug to bad gore. I really don't want to dismiss any genre now that I'm a part of this club, but lines will still probably be drawn. When gore dominates a movie, that's when it becomes gimmicky and crappy. If a good movie has gore in it here and there, I have no problems with this.

Al Gore is all right - he's kind of a turd, but I like his politics. I like others' politics more, but yes, I like the guy that gets an "eww" response from you well enough.

Like Lisa, I will say that you did the right thing when it came to Jeff "Wristcutter" Howard. You're a good friend, in my mind. Better to be safe than sorry.

No, it's true, I think you do have to be more concerned with yourself than others. I think it's stupid/childish to say something like, "Atheists are cooler than Christians." The reason why I gave that example was because the Norway thing really disturbs me/pisses me off and my emotions got the better of me. But yeah, too much generalization on my part. There are plenty of Atheist douchebags out there. But I'm ready to tone it down and start talkin' film again. I have yet to watch Black Death. Maybe I'll be able to tonight...probably not. More soccer - tonight I make Alex Craver a cripple.

Lisa, that is a great episode of Saved By the Bell, but I don't think it's as good as the one where Johnny Dakota comes to town to shoot a anti-dope ad with the students of Bayside. Not only does the gang find out that Johnny is keen on Kelly, but he's also pretty keen on pot as well. After all, it's worse than cigarettes, am I right? Man that show is ridiculous. All mullets are disgusting, but A.C. Slater's may have been the worst...

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