Sunday, July 17, 2011

Great Actress or Greatest Actress??

Jeff is right - you guys are as square as Ernie Macmillan. Worse than squibs, you are.

John - (said with a Homer Simpson voice) Mmm...jelly fart beans. But in all seriousness, I assume that your kids aren't buying into the craze? They should drag you to the theater for this epic finale.

Brandon - I enjoyed the US losing to Japan as much as you did...though as a full-blooded 'merican it would've been nice to get some revenge for Pearl Harbor. These colors don't run.

I definitely liked Yates' work on the films and don't mean to suggest otherwise - for me to put him in the same group as Chris Columbus would be ill-advised. I agree completely that he and Cuaron did the most to help the franchise. Yates had a large task ahead of him in transitioning these young actors (including my future wife/Oscar winner, Emma Watson) into adult actors. Along with them, the franchise became darker and more adult. This, in my opinion, was done well. Right, consistency is very difficult given the amount of years it took to make these movies and with the different directors and such. Ironically, I think we needed a new screenwriter, too - I don't know, I'm not big on Steve Kloves. Should've handed the franchise to Peter Jackson back in 2001.

The books are a lot of fun and I think you'd enjoy them. In 9th grade my English teacher was a fan (at this point, I think the first four had been written) and decided to read the first book aloud in class. I recall being in this class with a friend who would constantly rip on the book, but through all of that, I actually enjoyed it. Sure the writing was more for someone younger than myself at the time, but I thought the story and its ending were great. Maybe a few months later I figured I would read the next book and then I was hooked. I can understand the resistance to it, though. Anything that is this popular, we should all be skeptical of.

Ha, I'm sorry about the Barnes and Nobel ordeal. Few HP nerds hear about the other side of things. Really puts things into prospective. Sounds like hell.

On John Hurt - a little from column A, a little from column B.

Anyway...on to better movies soon. Jeff and I watched The King of Comedy an hour ago - I loved it.

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