Sunday, July 24, 2011

Some More Thoughts...before the show starts

John, I was definitely joking when comparing Mel Gibson to Kirk Cameron. Agreed, Kirky boy is a no-talent ass clown, while Gibson does have a legit movie career (even if he's doing a lot to damage it right now). The point that I was trying to get at was that I feel that you guys only like the film because of Gibson's involvement. And it's not like it only could've been Mel - it could've been any other actor that you guys are fans of. There truly is no other appeal - though you make some nice points about casting unknowns and having the cast speak Aramaic. I can accept those examples. Also, it's hilarious to hear you rant about Cameron/Lahaye/Jenkins. I also feel like apologizing for making you even think about those turds.

Also, I know that you and Brandon don't care enough about this one to debate it and talk about it all day. I truly appreciate Brandon's commitment to the conversation. And I enjoyed it even though I don't hate the movie enough to talk about it all day either. I was just thinking a minute ago about how I really don't hate it as much as I let on. I dislike it. I dislike Mel...though I can respect his career more than I can garner any sort of respect for this movie. I am equally tired defending a film that I don't care about enough to truly hate.

But I appreciate your thoughts, too, John, as always.  Enjoy the show, man.

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