Sunday, July 10, 2011

Blog On the Tracks

Ben - Hey and thanks for the welcome. That is me in the picture, but it's a little deceiving. The moustache is a fake, I'm disappointed to report. Still waiting on the ability to grow facial hair; it's a little embarrassing, haha. But yeah, with the contemplative look and 'stache I look a bit like William Faulkner, I feel.

On Catfish, the trailer is definitely a funny thing - I'm not sure if it's a service or disservice to anyone watching the film. Did you see the trailer before watching it? I do like the fact that the trailer almost paints the film as a horror story or something. I wonder what I would've thought of the film had I not seen the trailer first...damnit, I'll never know.

I see now, looking back on my Top 24 Dylan songs, that not only did I fail to include If you See Her, Say Hello on the list, but I also failed to feature any of the songs from Blood On the Tracks. I'm not as familiar with that album as I should be - knowing how much people seem to love and rave about it. I assume Jeff told you how much he's obsessed with Bob, and so he's taken issue with my list as well, haha. But yeah, if you've got a Top __ Dylan list, we would love to see it.

Lastly, that is some sweet juggling. Nicely done. And for what's worth...which at this point, probably not much...I have yet to see Tree of Life as well. I'm really hoping that I don't have to wait on Netflix to see it.

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