Saturday, September 17, 2011

No TV and No Beer Make Homer Go...something something.

With Brandon soaking up the rays in Atlanta, there's no one to stop us from letting our love for television shine! I do hope the tour is going well.

Careful, folks - some spoilers ahead.

The Simpsons

John, we've finished season 7, but I might wait a few weeks before posting to give you a chance to watch more. I hope you're enjoying it, though; this truly is a great season. But, if you are watching the episodes in order, the season does fizzle out a bit after A Fish Called Selma...not too much but a little, in my opinion.

Breaking Bad

The fourth season has really picked up during the past few weeks and I'm enjoying the second half much more than the first (the opposite of season 3, really). Bryan Cranston is one hell of an actor and I love the guy - but I gotta admit that Walter White is currently one of my least favorite characters. I can't believe I see him in the same light as Skyler, Marie, and Hank. It's not something I'm happy about...believe me. Prediction (though probably an obvious one): Hank will be dead by the end of the season.

Curb Your Enthusiasm

I've just finished the 8th season and overall it was very enjoyable. It did lack focus throughout; the arc wasn't as present as in the previous seasons. It was supposed to be the "Larry returns to New York" season, but he didn't go there until the sixth episode or so. Even when he got to NYC, there was no real arc. That's not too much of a complaint, though. I haven't been throughly pleased with a season since the fourth. Seasons 5-7 made me laugh, but the episodes got more and more ridiculous and I was pretty critical of them as I watched. Season 8 was along the same lines, but I've learned to let go of that criticism and just sit back  and let the show entertain me - no matter how ridiculous the story got. I thought the finale was hilarious, and hopefully Larry gives us a season 9. I'm not ready for it to end.


I believe I'm on episode six or seven of the seventh season. I didn't necessarily choose to stop watching, it just worked out that way. My opinion on the season so far isn't very favorable. It isn't as bad as season five, but it's definitely worse than six. Bringing Heylia back was a great decision and definitely gave the season a much needed shot in the arm. But Nancy still sleeps with a lot of randos (sigh) and Andy has been mostly pushed to the background. I'm losing interest and I think I heard a rumor that this would be last season. If so, it'd probably be the right call. I just hope the finale is memorable because I still believe the series deserves as much.

Boardwalk Empire

Season 2 premiers on September 25th; if you're unfamiliar with this show, do yourself a favor and watch it (google "project free tv"). Season 1 was phenomenal; this is definitely one of the best shows on television, if not the best. Great cast - especially the three Michaels - Pitt, Shannon, and Stuhlbarg, great writing, and a great visual style. No spoilers, just go out and see it. If you have, let's talk.


The sixth season starts on October 2nd. My expectations aren't too high as the previous season was mostly boring. It's cool that Mos Def and Colin Hanks have been added to the cast, but yeah, I'm not sure what we'll get from this upcoming season. Season 1 was one of the greatest television experiences of my life; season 2 was pretty damn good; season 3 stunk; season 4 was fantastic and emotional; and again, five was "meh." Here's hoping I'm pleasantly surprised.

The State

I just got the complete series in an auction on ebay. I was too young to watch the show when it was on, but maybe some of you Gen-Xers were fans. I'm a big fan of Wet Hot American Summer and that prompted me to check this out on Netflix a year or two ago. Not every sketch hits the mark, but there's a lot of great stuff - "Teens and 'dults don't mix."

I feel like I'm missing something...hmm...

Lastly, I guess it's only right that we're all seeing Drive separately since Brandon was the first one to post on it and he wouldn't be able to watch it with us. It definitely would've been nice if we all got to see it together (Jason and Lisa included, but obviously it's a hell of a lot tougher for you two to catch movies with us). So again, at least now no one has to worry about missing out on the group viewing.

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