Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Movie Round-up

I haven't posted in a while, but I have been watching a lot of moooovies. Like many of you, I'm really excited for Drive and can't wait for that CR5FC event; I can confirm that Binghamton Regal will start showing it this Friday, but because Jeff only has class on Tuesday and Thursday, we probably won't go until next week...but let's make it happen, gang!

Below this line is a list of films I've recently watched...

Miller's Crossing

I've wanted to watch this one for a long time. Brandon and Jeff's "top ten gangster films" discussion prompted me to move it to the top of my queue a few weeks back. Great performances from everyone (I especially loved J.E. Freeman as "The Dane"); the direction and script were exactly what I would expect from the Coen's - brilliant.

The Vanishing

Watched the '88 original. Jeff told me about this one a year ago or so. In fact, I believe he spoiled the ending for me, but because he spoiled it so long ago, I mostly forgot. Anyway, I was really impressed with this one - especially the story. I also had an idea for the last shot of the film, but it could easily be considered corny. (SPOILERS AHEAD) Given Saskia's dream of two lights traveling through the darkness, I thought it would've been cool to have a shot of Saskia and Rex in their respective graves, each holding up a lighter. But in order for that to be possible, Saskia would've had to been buried a day earlier instead of three years earlier. Oh well, still an interesting one that I would recommend.


I really like Von Trier...as a director/writer. I don't necessarily need to like him as a person, but I'll admit that I don't mind him at all in that department; the man is nothing more than a goofball. This film is a fine example of why I feel the way I do about his filmmaking abilities. The style was inspired and very cool.


The Hitchcock film...not the Biggie bio-pic (sorry, guys). I've also wanted to watch this one for a long time. Hitchcock, Grant, and Bergman is a winning trio for me. I'm working on a top-ten Hitchcock list, but it probably won't be posted for another month or so. I'm trying to catch a lot of the ones I've missed. I really enjoyed this one, though, and I'll probably save my comments for that aforementioned future post.

Glengarry Glen Ross

Gotta love Alec Baldwin and gotta love this Mamet script - a lot of cursing and a lot of ego. Yes!

Rio Bravo

This was my first John Wayne film. I know, I know. But I haven't been living under a rock, so I've always been familiar with Wayne and the type of characters he played. Honestly, I've avoided him for a long time because I never saw him as a good actor and he just seemed like a douchey human being to me. Having said that, I found him to be very likable in this one. But what surprised me a little more was that he got the girl in the end. Sure, I regret being dismissive of him, but goddamn, the man is not very attractive.


Once again, another Hitchcock film I hadn't seen. More thoughts to come with the Hitchcock list. But I will say that I loved it.

White Heat

A post of firsts - yes, I'm very ashamed to admit that this was my first Cagney film. Now I know what I've been missing. Cagney completely blew me away...as you'd expect. Absolutely phenomenal; it's tough to take your eyes off of him as he just commands every scene he's in. His performance as Cody Jarrett was also pretty terrifying. I'd never shoot your ma in the back, Cody. I swear. Also, I've already made plans to see everything else he's in.

Meek's Cutoff just came to Netflix; it's at the top of my queue. Same deal with Jane Eyre.

John, we love season 7 of The Simpsons - definitely one of our favorites with a lot of great episodes/storylines. We're on the fourth disc (I believe we only have three or four episodes left). Hopefully you're ready to do some ranking soon.

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