Thursday, September 22, 2011

Defending Paris

John, Jeff and I talked about how I'm probably a bigger fan of Midnight In Paris; we both enjoyed it, but I'll be the one with it in my top ten at the end of the year...he probably won't (he thinks he's too good for it). But I also know that he wrote about the movie on here a fortnight or so before I joined, so obviously you're going to poke at him about it. That and he kinda looks like Woody.

But really, when you think about it, Owen Wilson's character in MIP is a lot like John Wayne's character in Stagecoach...just kidding. I know you'll never be on board.

None of Woody's current films will ever be as good as what he did in the 70s and 80s, but like Jeff said a few months back - if he's able to write something that's amusing and interesting, it's always a blast for us.

But you can bash on the Harry Potter movie franchise all you want. I like to pretend to be a bigger nerd than I really am (I'd only really defend the books). Even if I were paid, I don't know that I'd watch any of those movies again. Well, okay, I will accept money...let's never take that off the table.

As you know, I completely agree that Walt is unlikable now. It's also just crazy that he's being left behind on his own show as well (Jesse, Mike, and Gus seem to be having all the fun). That last episode was awesome; can't wait for the next. Also it's cool to see Bryan Cranston in something like Drive as a reminder of how much he transforms while playing Walt. It's brilliant acting by him - he's a completely different person.

It used to be true of me that I never missed an episode of The Colbert Report or The Daily Show. I've been to live tapings for both shows - I think I've done Colbert 3 or 4 times. It was a dream of mine to be a writer on that show while I was at college, so it does sadden me to report that I haven't been watching either show in a while. I just don't feel as if there is time for me to catch them anymore (which is not exactly true), but also I am trying to remove myself from politics lately. Obama has disappointed me to the point that I've decided I won't be voting next November. But I'll probably try to catch a few episodes here and there.

Ben, agreed about Weeds. Leaving Agrestic and dumping Conrad hurt the show a lot and the writing hasn't been as strong since 3. I was pleasantly surprised with season 6, but now we're back to crap. I'll probably finish the season at some point, though. Glad that we'll be able to talk about Boardwalk. I haven't seen Treme but I've heard really good things.

I know the Emmys are a joke, but it's damn silly to put HBO/AMC/Showtime shows in the same category as crappy ABC and CBS shows - I'm looking at you, Modern Family. My apologies if anyone on here watches that show - there are worse things out there, but still.

With NBC, I can't wait for more 30 Rock. Too bad we have to wait until mid-season for new episodes. I'm also hoping Parks and Recreation will get a little funnier now that it seems to have found a larger audience. We need more Ben Schwartz/ Jean-Ralphio and Aziz scenes. The Office hasn't been relevant for me since the writer's strike. How the mighty hath fallen - I've been re-watching season 3 (when the show was brilliant). Steve Carell was hilarious, Andy Bernard was better off as a douchey Cornell grad with anger problems, and the Jim/Pam stuff seemed so real at times that you forgot you were watching actors on a show.

Brandon, like Ben, I hope to donate to the Kickstarter project after I get my next paycheck. Again, hope the tour is going well. And, had you gone out on tour without giving us a bathroom story, I would've been disappointed. So thanks for that hilarious facebook post a week ago or so.

I stayed home sick today and considered watching Cold Weather on the Reed Hasting's NWI but I watched Shadow of a Doubt instead. I remain a nincompoop for now but I still might catch it. Give me time.

I think I said that I had more to say on Drive. I guess I just don't. Not until someone else posts...

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