Sunday, September 4, 2011

Just When You Thought It Was Safe...To Stop Posting On DBAOTD

I'm really wishing I lived in the house from the movie right now. I've got a wisdom tooth that is bugging the hell out of me.

Ha, my bad for stealing your thunder, John. Right before I posted I thought about how I probably wrote too much, but given that we were all mostly in agreement, someone's thunder was going to be stolen.

Jesse and Mike vs. the Tooth Faeries would definitely be another hit for AMC - they should look into it. Not only would they be gangsters, but they'd also take on ghostbusting jobs as well.

At one point while we were watching the movie, I believe it was the dinner scene, I began wonder what the movie would be like as a screwball comedy. It would've been great if the faeries started playing pranks on Charles Widmore and the other guests. Someone's laces should've been tied together or something.

Oh, and speaking of Widmore, I'm happy to see that you're a Lost fan, John. We should discuss that soon, if you're up for it. I think I need to release some pent-up anger over that final season.

I became a fan of Guy Pearce after watching Memento. So I really see Joey Pantoliano as the consummate smarmy jerk. I've got a feeling that you loathe that movie, but I'd like to be proven wrong.

Jeff, definitely agree about the film lacking identity and feeling uneven. Great point.

Anyone who has seen Ernest Scared Stupid knows what an absolute frightfest it is...and I'm not even talking about the acting.

I wanted to hear a horror fan's thoughts on the movie, and that's exactly what I got with Jason's post. Thanks. And with his upcoming post in mind, I wanted to ask the question - if a movie like this isn't scary, does it suck? - in that first post. And this really brings me to one of my beefs with horror films - they're one note. They're either scary or they're not with very little else to offer.

I can understand Jason's frustration, though. Given the trailer and the fact that del Toro was involved, we were led to believe that this one was going to be both scary and very well-done. So I went in with that mindset, and I also expected to be entertained. I was probably too nice to it because I guess I was entertained by it - but it's definitely a movie with a ton of faults. But yeah, I am the last person who should give recommendations on horror (see Ernest Scared Stupid). Maybe I liked it more because it didn't scare me. Very lame, I know.

Again, didn't want to touch the cliches, but now that Jason has brought them up, I will say that I mostly agree. The genre allows for millions of questions/points like those, but I am glad that you listed movies you've seen that do the opposite. That's good to hear. If I ever wrote a horror screenplay, I would do everything I could to avoid these cliches and stupid decisions. Someone needs to put a Llewelyn Moss-type in one of these movies.

One thing I will say that Jeff, John, and I talked about was that del Toro claims that by making Guy Pearce's character financially-tethered to the house, it made it tougher on him to just get up and leave. I sort of understand this as money is a major concern for all of us. But right, your daughter's life should be worth more to you than a mansion house.

Glad we agree about having less face-time with the faeries. We needed more shadows.

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