Thursday, May 19, 2011

Samba To Arsenal?

I don't want to delve too much into rumor and speculation...but what the hell. Recent reports state that Arsenal have renewed their interest in the Blackburn captain, and will look to offer 12 million Euros for him. I am in full support of this move. And after considering it fully, I would rather have Samba than Gary Cahill, Per Mertesacker, or Sakho.

As I said, Samba is Blackburn's captain and he possesses true leadership skills...something our really lacked this season.  He also brings plenty of EPL experience (I think he would definitely hold his own in the Champion's League as well) and toughness. He's big and strong and doesn't get pushed around by any of the strikers in England. If Gary Cahill costs 20 million, I think all Arsenal fans will agree, there's no way Arsene will spend that kind of money for him. Samba would come cheaper and would be exactly the kind of player we need to partner with Vermaelen next season.

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