Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Available Now: Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues

1. Montezuma
2. Bedouin Dress
3. Sim Sala Bim
4. Battery Kinzie
5. The Plains/Bitter Dancer
6. Helpnessless Blues
7. The Cascades
8. Lorelai
9. Someone You'd Admire
10. The Shrine/An Argument
11. Blue Spotted Tail
12. Grown Ocean

This is a fantastic sophomore album from Robin Pecknold and crew. My favorite tracks are: "Montezuma," "Battery Kinzie," "Lorelai," and "The Shrine/An Argument"- though I could honestly list every song on the album; it's that good. Pecknold seems to have perfected this sort of hymnal folk sound and his melodies are all brilliant. It's definitely a front runner for Album of the Year.

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