Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Available Now: The Elected - Bury Me In My Rings

Blake Sennett's third album (as The Elected) was released yesterday. It was a long time coming, and as I stated in another post on this blog, I wasn't sure this day would come. Every year since 2006 (when the brilliant Sun, Sun, Sun was released), I googled "Blake Sennett' and "The Elected" in the hopes that I would find an article telling me that another album was on the way. Blake officially retired from music in 2010. The funny thing is, I didn't even know until I came across an article stating that Bury Me In My Rings was going to be released. Had I caught wind of his retirement earlier, it would have given me the blues, so things really seemed to work out and I hope that a fourth album will happen in the near future.

Having listened to the album, I can report that I love it. It's very much its own album while not straying too far from the sounds of Me First or Sun, Sun, Sun. "Babyface" has a great Talking Heads sound and it's one of my favorite tracks. I also love "Look At Me Now," "Trip Around the World," "Have You Been Cheated," and "See the Light." The last two I mention feature some ukelele - something Blake has used in songs before, and it's just got a great sound. Especially when it's combined with a steel lap. Anyway, a great album and it'll be interesting to see where it'll end up on my top ten albums list for 2011.

1. Born to Love You
2. Babyface
3. Look At Me Now
4. Jailbird
5. Go For the Throat
6. This Will Be Worth It
7. Trip Round the World
8. When I'm Gone
9. Who Are You
10. Have You Been Cheated
11. See the Light
12. Time Is Coming

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