Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Available Now: My Morning Jacket - Circuital

(Updated on June 4th)

My Morning's Jacket sixth LP, "Circuital," is one hell of an album. I've listened to it at least once a day since its release on Tuesday, and I think it gets better with each listen. Even though I was hoping for something that would sound more similar to "At Dawn" and "It Still Moves," I'm still completely satisfied with the album and the variance in sound it offers. It's probably most similar to Z, which is a great album, but there is definitely a progression here. 'Holdin on to Black Metal' is such a fun song, and is certainly something we haven't heard from them before. My favorite tracks are: Circuital, Wonderful (The Way I Feel), Holdin on to Black Metal, First Light, You Wanna Freak Out, Slow Slow Tune. But really, every song is great. There are so many nuances within each song - whether it's Jim James' voice or a guitar riff, or a note from another instrument; there's a lot to love about this album.

I also want to say that the free My Morning Jacket concert on youtube Tuesday night helped me to appreciate this album even more. Their songs seem to sound better live, and I have had the pleasure of watching them play at one of the best venues in the country, Red Rocks outside of Denver, in the summer of '08. Though, unfortunately, I wasn't very familiar with the band  at the time (I only knew some songs off of Evil Urges and Z), so I wasn't able to fully appreciate their 3-hour set. This time around, I knew every song they played and it was a great experience.

Anyway, the track listing is below. I highly recommend giving it a listen.

1. Victory Dance
2. Circuital
3. The Day Is Coming
4. Wonderful (The Way I Feel)
5. Outta My System
6. Holdin on to Black Metal
7. First Light
8. You Wanna Freak Out
9. Slow Slow Tune
10. Movin Away

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