Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I Think I Love My Life

My original title for this review was, "The Last Temptation of Chris Rock". When the issue was published I figured that my editor changed it because it could be viewed as controversial. Now I'm starting to think it was changed/shortened for layout purposes. Either way, I'm still not happy with that title. Reading the review again, it's clear that I didn't have much of a voice as a critic. Five years later and my critical writing is still pretty dull.

I was really hoping that I mentioned Eric Rohmer in this...not that I knew of Rohmer's existence at the time I wrote the review. BUT I can recall seeing on wikipedia that I Think I Love My Wife was a remake of Chloe in the Afternoon. Who knows, maybe I did mention it and my editor took it out; I'll stick to blaming her. 


  1. I'm thinking about hosting an I Think I Love My Wife Party at my place.

  2. Nice. I'll bring my wife and the woman I'm secretly attracted to. For real, though, that would be fun.