Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Funny Games Fhoughts

I've been watching movies all month (as you'll see when I do a post on my May activity tomorrow). I've wanted to blog more and have wanted to jump into the Funny Games discussion, but I haven't had much to say about the films I've seen...and then with Funny Games, I basically agree with Jeff. And no one wants to read that shit!

Funny Games is overtly cruel, to the point that it's absurd. As Jason once stated, he likes to put himself in the shoes of the "victims" in horror films; I think most fans would admit to doing as much. For that reason, it was smart to conceive of this film and to fuck with the audience in the way that Haneke does.

During the remote control scene, I admit, at that point, I had already surrendered and accepted the fact that it's just a movie and there's nothing anyone can do to stop these sadistic villains. Though I did love it when the wife shot "Fatty" through the chest. How can you not cheer for that kind of violence?? Some people deserve to be shot. That story about the zombie crackhead in Miami is making its rounds, and I think we'd probably all pull the trigger on that I right?

Anyway, I think Jeff and Brandon both make some great points, and I can understand why Brandon would take issue with Haneke and his pompous attitude. But mostly it doesn't affect me; I liked Funny Games. No matter what anyone has said about it or will say about it, it was a unique experience and one that will be hard to forget. I can truly understand why it's CR5FC's official dead horse. I've recommended it to two of my friends since watching it.

Brandon talked a bit about Jesse and Becca's experience while watching Funny Games. That sounds awful...under those circumstances, I'd probably hate it too. But one point I want to bring up, without offending Jason or Brandon, is the idea that a lot of horror fans are too blood and flesh starved. I mean, sure, every genre has its douchebags, but if you look at the main appeals of the horror genre, they are: 1) the kills and 2) sex. It's not always sexual assault, but the slasher films feature plenty of sex and nudity. And then, yeah, I can't truly get behind a genre that thrives on inventively sadistic ways to tear the human body apart.

I'm not saying that all horror fans go for this cheap entertainment (Jason and Brandon couldn't be any more intelligent and pleasant about movies; I love you guys), but that idea corresponds with one of the main reasons why I'm not a huge fan of the genre. There's an over-reliance on sex and violence in these films, and each year they up the ante. And again, violence doesn't offend me and I don't want to see it removed from film, but some people react to it inappropriately. So there's that. And then even worse than that are the dudes who watched Funny Games with Todd, Jesse, and Becca. Seriously, fuck those guys. Detestable scum.

Other notes...

I bought the Game of Thrones season one DVD. Perhaps I foresee a John Owen marathon in the future...but only if he doesn't try to be a john-trarian about it. Season two is brilliant; can't wait for the finale this Sunday...but it will also come with some heartbreak - don't want it to end.

Jeff's trying to get me to watch The Innkeepers. I'm not sure I'll be able to overcome my cowardice, though. Like John, I haven't read any of the spoilers in the hopes that I may watch it someday...during the middle of a sunny day. This will also help to explain my paragraph about horror fans...mainly I'm just a wimp.

So John has cancelled his Netflix, eh? Is this the end of the movie selection project? Well, it did last longer than the Director of the Month there is progress. 

Make Way For Tomorrow tomorrow. I imagine I'll love it as much as you guys, but who knows? We all know, probably.