Tuesday, November 15, 2011


John knows how to get me typing; most Simpsons diehards (including Jeff and myself) think that season 4 is the best season. If I were stranded on a strange island that only seemed to have a television and a dvd player, I'd want The Simpsons season 4 to be the first thing in my possession. I'm excited you've started watching and can't wait to hear your thoughts on other episodes. Kamp Krusty does have a great first act, and also agreed, it does fizzle out after that. Favorite line from the episode: "Wait a minute, you didn't learn how World War II ended....we won!" The first disc of the season 4 set is probably the weakest, but everything after Lisa the Beauty Queen could easily make my best episodes of all-time list. I posted on season 4 awhile back, but if you want to post your rankings sometime down the road, John, I might do an update or something.

Okay, back to film. I agree with Ben that LvT sees most human life and social interactions as absurd (which is why I like the guy). And so, it is kind of odd that the limo scene is the only glaringly obvious moment of humor. Although John Hurt's character also provides some comic relief. But it's true, too, that vT's humor is mostly dark and subtle (like in the case of Dogville) so maybe if I watched it again, I could find the more subtle moments of humor. This is a man who takes very few things in life seriously, including himself and his films. Brandon talked about how that's a bit of a turn-off for him. I can understand his point, but I like it as a nice form of humility.

Would we agree that Justine's depression is due to a mental condition? I don't see her as girl who just one day chose to give up on life. And Ben qutoes/writes that by accepting death, we are able to able to truly live. I agree with the quote, but I don't think Justine carries this out. She can't even get in the tub on her own. In a way, she died well before Melancholia hit Earth. Right, though "a snake eating its tail." But again, there is that moment where she redeems herself at the end of the film; there is a form of growth for her. Maybe the second viewing will change my mind, but as of now, the only performance in the film that I really enjoyed was Dunst's. Sorry, Keifer, but I've seen a million better curmudgeons than you...and they didn't have your annoying face.

Rollins, you're wrong, dawg.

Jason, I have yet to really post on Meek's Cutoff. And while I won't really do that tonight, give me a few days because I do want to see if we can have a discussion on the film (since everyone else is probably tired of talking about it). But hopefully by the time I'm ready, you're not done thinking about the film. Tonight just isn't a night where I can really sit down and do it. Bear with me...if you want to.

I don't know if I commented on the fact that I watched Only Angels Have Wings. It's hard to write a lot about old movies, because there really is no debate to most of them. Either you really love them or you think they were just o.k. Mark me down as thinking it's one of the greatest movies of all-time. Sorry, everyone, didn't mean to blow your minds. I guess I could/should talk about the specific reasons why I feel that way, but I could also save that for another time. Unlike Justine and Claire, I've got all the time in the world.

I re-watched Kieslowski's Red the other day. It's my favorite of the three colors trilogy by far and just as Jeff hopes, I hope that all of you will check it out at some point (along with Blue and White). They're all very beautiful and meditative.

Bergman's Hour of the Wolf is one hell of a cinematic nightmare (which I mean in a good way). The man could do no wrong. There are many impressively creepy scenes in this one: the guy walking up the wall of the castle; von Sydow being attacked by that little boy while he's fishing; von Sydow finding the woman he had an affair with laying naked on the table only to have her sit up and start laughing at him...along with the other creepy-ass people laughing at him; the old woman telling Alma to read her husband's diary, etc. Damn I loved this movie.

 (a snapshot of my sailboat, proving that I have all the time in the world to comment on Only Angels Have Wings and Meek's Cutoff).

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