Sunday, November 20, 2011

Let's Dance

As always, I appreciate recommendations from Brandon and John. And even before these director lists were made, I had plans to check out some of the older directors/movies first. But as of right now, I am the guy who's just discovering John Ford; it's shameful, yes, but it's something that I'm addressing. Label me a work in progress. Or as a human being, damnit!

Maybe I had no business filling out that list (which none of you are saying, I know), but I thought it was nice to start keeping a record. And again, it gave me to chance to narrow down my focus a a way. There really is so much to see.

John, your daughters would still be cooler than me even if I had seen more Chaplin films than them. The only solution that I can think of is for you to adopt me.

And yes, let's be clear here, Jeff knows much more about film than I do, and has seen so many things that I haven't. Jeff's obsession with film started while he was in high school; my obsession has sadly just begun within the past few years. But of course I've always been interested in film and had seen a handful of old movies when I was younger. When Jeff and I spoke with John after Way Out West, they talked about City of Conquest and then John had asked me if I watched it too. I said no (which is still true, but I'll get to it soon). I bring that up because the reality is that Jeff and I rarely watch movies together. That's my heartbreaking confession of the day.

D.W. Griffith thoughts: I won't write him off; I won't ignore him. He's worthy of the titles that are bestowed upon him and his work. But despite all that, I have no desire to watch a three hour movie that promotes the KKK. It's really just as simple as that. I prefer short films that promote kittens. 

I hope to see The Mill and the Cross before the year is out. And yeah, let's make Take Shelter happen soon, like next week soon, boyos. 

Brandon, the last time I saw Small Soldiers was probably in the theater when it came out. I looked up the cast on imdb and I see that David Cross and Phil Hartman were in it - I don't remember that at all, but that's cool. I do remember Kristen Dunst being in it and I admit that I had a crush on her at the time. Sure it's more fun than Zach Braff, but it fails miserably in the emo category. If Frou Frou wrote a song about toy soldiers coming to life, maybe then we could reach an understanding.

Maybe your fandom of the Twin Peaks movie is associated with Chris Isaak?? It is funny to watch the television series and then pop in the movie. Two completely different things, in a way. Jeff's correct, Eraserhead is one of the most unpleasant movie experiences. I love Lynch and all, but I won't even pretend like I'm a fan of that one. I'll have to ask Barnes and Nobel to throw out my application, won't I, Brandon?

I put down Seven as Fincher's best...but Jeff is correct again, it is Zodiac. Damn, that's a good movie.

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