Sunday, November 13, 2011

I belong to the blank generation

I had a really enjoyable time last night; The Pawn Shop and Way Out West were hilarious and fantastically wonderful. Makes me pine for the days of old, similarly to way Owen Wilson does in Midnight In Paris. It was also nice to meet part of the Owen family. I'll definitely be there for Boy Meets Girl - looking forward to it.Thanks for the invite, John.

Melancholia is growing on me, I admit. I don't want to admit it, but I'm definitely losing some of the hate that I felt toward it after our viewing; that doesn't mean you guys are right about anything, by the way, ha. Much of that turnaround is due to the character of Justine. I find it hard to take Kristen Dunst too seriously (I don't care to look up the correct spelling on that name, that's how too cool I am for her), and yet, I am finding myself more and more compelled by her character and her performance. Maybe it's because I'm beginning to project my own thoughts and feelings about who she really is in the way that everyone else in the film seems to do, but I'm actually beginning to feel more sympathy for her than for Claire or any of the other characters. Maybe that's just the juvenile punk in me, though. I must like Goth chicks or something. And it's not that vT was too mature with Melancholia, I guess it's just that his maturity wasn't interesting or fresh enough. Maturity and humanistic growth isn't always boring. As Jeff noted, the maturity of 2002's The Son was damn compelling and renews faith in humanity.

I'm not as much of a nihilist as Jeff, though I do find his ideas intriguing and I'd like to subscribe to his newsletter. When I consider mankind as a whole, I'm usually pretty optimistic - the good mostly outweighs the bad for me (though it probably shouldn't). When I do consider certain individuals or even certain groups of people (like those who tried to cover-up the Penn State scandal...don't worry, Joe-pa, I'm not talking about you) there is definitely evil in the world that should be wiped out. I don't always want mean from my movies, my directors, or specifically vT, but we all need reminders. Sometimes we live in Claire's world, but Justine's world and Melancholia always seem to find their way into our lives. We don't need another planet to hit Earth for the world to be ending. For my thoughts on 2012, check out my doomsday blog:

Honestly, at this point, I don't really know how I feel about Melancholia, I just know that I like The Tree of Life and Drive and probably Attack the Block a lot far.

There is also some humor to Dogville, I would argue. And sure, give me The Clash every single day of the week over The Sex Pistols.

Boardwalk Empire is sweet. That is all.

I'm also really digging on Dexter again, so that is a nice feeling. The writing staff has finally done something to change the dynamic of the show. They're taking risks again and it's pleasant to observe. I wish I could go into spoilers, but I'll just be patient instead.

Parks and Recreation has finally hit something of a stride; where has Nick Offerman been hiding all these years?

I finished season 2 of Bored To Death and I still feel the same way about the show that I did after season 1; I like male camaraderie as much as the next the guy who watches football games with me, but it's just an above-average show at best.

I will watch City of Conquest at some point here.

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