Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My Quiz

It's a little embarrassing to post this so late, but I know nobody really cares about that...so I shouldn't either. When I posted the questions, I was in a writing/blogging mood and then pretty much the next day that feeling left me. Thanks to Brandon, Cheddar, Jeff, and John for your answers; I enjoyed them a lot.

1. Is there a TV show that you'd love to see a movie version of? If yes, what? If no, think a little harder. If still no, sorry for wasting your time.

Yeah, J-bird, ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT fans have been calling for a movie for years now. Unlike you, I still feel like that it could be done well, despite the lackluster feel to the show's latest season. In fact, I'd rather have a movie instead of the unconventional fourth season.

I do agree with Brandon; forcing a drama such as BREAKING BAD or other hour-long dramas suck in their beautiful bellies wouldn't be wise.

I was excited when the STRANGERS WITH CANDY movie was being developed, but really, nothing could top the show. Turns out that was definitely the case, as the movie wasn't very good.

I'm going with a long "No" as well. But I'd take an ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT movie.

2. What's your favorite place/setting to watch a movie (out of the choices listed below)? Why? ALSO, least favorite and why?

a) Small theater

b) Big theater

c) Drive-in theater

d) In a house, alone

e) In a house, with a group

f) Other

E, D, and B are all pretty close (but I ordered them that way intentionally). I love going to movie theater; it's one of my favorite things to do and if I'm away from the theater too long, I start to feel a pull that I need to return. I also enjoy watching movies with friends. If it's a movie I really care about, I want silence; if it's a shitty movie, I don't mind talking over it at all. Watching a movie alone is nice, too.

The Drive-in is the worst. I haven't been there since the second PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN movie came out. I hate the atmosphere of it and the lack of sound quality. Small theaters are fine, but the Art Mission needs to add some more space inbetween the aisles.

3. If you could be an extra in any film, what would it be AND what scene would you like to be in?

I feel like I'm forgetting something, but I'll go with being an extra in the court room during Chico's trial in DUCK SOUP.

4. Name a movie you loved as a kid that still feels special even when you watch it now.

I should've worded this question a little differently; well, all I really needed to do was write "name a bad movie..." because I wanted sillier answers. For example, D2: THE MIGHTY DUCKS is a movie I still love even though it's not exactly good. Nonetheless, good answers from everyone.

5. Best film decade (out of the choices listed below)? And tell us why, if you're so inclined:

a) 80s

b) 90s

c) 00s (aughts)

C. Even though Cheddar gave a non-answer for this one, I'm glad someone rejected the aughts. I'm kinda sorry I can't agree with you. It has to be the aughts for the rise of P. T. Anderson and the exceptional work by the Coens on NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN. Also there's SYNECDOCHE, NY. THERE WILL BE BLOOD, NO COUNTRY, and SYNECDOCHE would probably be my top three movies of the past thirty years.

You can find great foreign films in any of those decades; the great American films in the aughts tip the scales.

Bonus: Hypothetically, your friends have rented out a theater for your birthday. You get to choose the movie that's screened; what are you going with?

I'm sort of stealing Alex's answer to question 4. I think screening DUMB and DUMBER would be lot of fun. I'd also consider showing DR. STRANGELOVE because it's one of my all-time favorites. Hopefully no one would have a problem with black and white film. THE BIG LEBOWSKI is another possibility.

Anyway, again, thanks to everyone who answered the questions; you all get As for participating and for being handsome.

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