Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pop Quiz, Hot Shots

I realize only Jeff, Brandon, Adrienne, and I answered the questions to Jeff's last quiz and this one will probably see the same number of participants (or less).

But the good news is that there's still time to answer Jeff's quiz; it can be found here: http://gnawseah.blogspot.com/2013/06/new-quiz.html

I came up with my own set of questions pretty quickly, so if you want to put the same level of thought into answering them, that's fine by me. And yes, John, I will grading on a curve.

Here it is...

1. Is there a TV show that you'd love to see a movie version of? If yes, what? If no, think a little harder. If still no, sorry for wasting your time.

2. What's your favorite place/setting to watch a movie (out of the choices listed below)? Why? ALSO, least favorite and why?

a) Small theater

b) Big theater

c) Drive-in theater

d) In a house, alone

e) In a house, with a group

f) Other

3. If you could be an extra in any film, what would it be AND what scene would you like to be in?

4. Name a movie you loved as a kid that still feels special even when you watch it now.

5. Best film decade (out of the choices listed below)? And tell us why, if you're so inclined:

a) 80s

b) 90s

c) 00s (aughts)

Bonus: Hypothetically, your friends have rented out a theater for your birthday. You get to choose the movie that's screened; what are you going with?

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