Thursday, April 5, 2012

This Things I Believe

I only had four posts in March; I want April to be a more productive month, and I'd finally like to break the funk of not writing. It's nice to write those Jason Poole "dumps." but I feel like they also burn me out a bit, and they limit my desire to do anything else on this blog. I want to start writing longer paragraphs on each film more frequently; I have a feeling that will help.

If John's funk goes on for the next few months, we may need to hold an intervention. And by "intervention," I mean that we need to remove all of the Smallville DVDs from his home; that show is becoming his green kryptonite.

I've watched two John Owen essentials within the past two weeks and I hope to do write-ups on them soon. Obviously one is The Narrow Margin...the other will remain a mystery for now.

A couple of months back, I created two word documents. In one, I'm keeping track of every film I've seen from 1929 to 1979 (I have no record whatsoever of the 80s so far, but I've had a word doc. containing my top tens from 1990-the present for the longest time).

The other word document was created to keep track of all of the films I've seen by the notable directors. I used the "Director's best/worst" list that Brandon created back in the fall, but using the John system, I've alphabetized it and I'm putting the films down in order of their release. I've also added a few directors that we left off the list. Maybe at some point, I'll post it or update my "best/worst" list.

It was cool to see that Brandon was keeping similar records in word documents on his computer. It's a great way to get organized.

John, I hope to watch Love In the Afternoon soon.

The King Kong homage in Treehouse of Horror III is definitely the weakest part of that episode. Unlike you, though, I find no faults in the first act; there are so many quotable lines due in part to great delivery from Dan Castellaneta and the other actors. The "that's good/that's bad" exchange in the "House of Evil" shop is one of my favorite moments/jokes in the entire series.

Another great Homer quote is when the Krusty doll is wrestling Homer on the ground and Homer says, "Marge, the doll's trying to kill me and the toaster's been laughing at me." Cracks me up every time. Anyway, I won't take too much issue with your feelings, because mainly I'm just happy that you watched those episodes. And I'm glad that I was able to accurately predict that you'd be a big John Swartzwelder fan.

Since I've probably alienated most of my audience, I'll wrap this up. Hitchcock list later today. Rom coms sometime within the next few weeks. Broadway Danny Rose soon. I also want to post on Game of Thrones, Mad Men, Cukor's The Women, and some other films.

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