Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Thirteen relies too heavily on the "nightmare scenario." That nightmare isn't necessarily unrealistic; I'm sure there are plenty of Mom's out there who have gone through what Holly Hunter's character goes through in the film. That's all well and good, and I agree that it's important for the film to exist. It just ain't my cup of tea. Like Brandon, Evan Rachel Wood ain't my cup of tea either (but I believe I've liked her best in Woody Allen's Whatever Works). Holly Hunter usually is, but this time the HH tea wasn't as palatable as it usually is.

Sorry I'm not writing any of this in our new Zooey Deschanel thread on the facebook. Apparently Brandon got a little too carried away with his woman bashing and he crossed the line! Kidding. What's wrong with Zooey? You mean you didn't enjoy her in Failure to Launch or Yes Man? You guys touched on some of her other films on FB, and I admit that she's been in a lot of crap. Despite those bad films, there's something very charming/endearing about each of her performances. I can understand Brandon's feelings about (500) Days of Summer, but of course I just disagree. I really enjoyed her on Weeds and thought she was hilarious. Her impression of one of the Olsen girls was the only funny part about that SNL skit (okay, Kristen Wiig, too). I haven't watched New Girl at all, and I probably never will. I have heard good things about it, though. But because of the show, she's finally popular enough to host SNL (I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner; she seems like a natural to host, though). Popularity can kill a lot of things for me, but I hope it doesn't do that in this case.

I'm really happy to hear that John Owen is a fan of M. Ward; it made my day. I love She & Him and I love Zooey's voice and her songwriting. She's able to do a lot with her voice as well; at times she sounds as good as Diana Ross and some other notable female Motown singers. Very soulful. Other times it's just beautiful. "Take It Back" by She & Him is a prime example of her singing prowess. And of course Zooey is cute as hell. I find her more attractive than most actresses.

All right, I could probably talk about Zooey all day, so I'll shut up and move on. Your point about Oldboy isn't unfair, Brandon. I just respectfully disagree. The film isn't without its problems, but what impressed me about the film seemed to overrule those flaws.

More Brandon comments...

The joke in Dogville is a bit sick, yes. Again, in presenting my list I acknowledged that the more endearing films like Big Fish and A Mighty Wind won out over it, but I still had plenty of room to love and praise Dogville. There's definitely a lot of misery, but for whatever reason, it feels very appropriate for the film to work the way it does.

I think Kill Bill Vol. 1 is so high on my list almost by default. I just enjoy it more than films 5-10 on the list. I'm not TOO crazy about it; again, like you, I love Volume 2 so much more. Maybe if I were to re-watch Dogville it would usurp Kill Bill Vol. 1.

My favorite Lord of the Rings film is The Two Towers. Go ahead, ask me why...if you want.

Right, I know you saw plenty of shitty movies as a kid; we all have. I was just noting that I'm a bit envious of your childhood in terms of your exposure to old films. Are you still a fan of Phonebooth, by any chance? Haven't seen it in a looonnng time.


The "top ten list from the year we were all 14" sounds cool; we should all give it a shot. Haven't seen Park's other revenge films but would like to. Cabin Fever was interesting as far as horror films go, and like Jeff, I enjoyed the ending the most...that and the fact that Shawn Hunter (Rider Strong) is in it. Ye-yeah!

Thanks for clearing up your Ink thoughts. I can only apply that system to commercials (I guess?)...not films. Maybe there are one or two examples where I have done that for a film. But it has to be all about the execution...and it's increasingly becoming the case. Ink is definitely ambitious, but I almost feel like Winans should've waited before making it. He should've made some indie dramas to make some money, and then when he had a bigger budget...that would've been the time to do a sci-fi film. But who am I, the film police? Oh wait, I am.

And I was concerned about how I came off in that post because we have yet to meet. After I meet you I'll be a little meaner. But probably not, because it's not in my nature, really. We shall see, I guess.

More girl talk...

I finished Tina Fey's book Bossypants. It was a great read - highly entertaining; informative and fun. It also provides some nice perspective on women in the entertainment industry, and more specifically, women in comedy. I feel like I can see more clearly now.

Lastly, Judd Apatow produced a show for Lena Dunham (director of Tiny Furniture) on HBO called Girls. I didn't like the film, so I'm disappointed (after watching the preview) to see that the show is essentially Tiny Furniture: the show. I was hoping for something else.

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