Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Evil Urges/Good Intentions

There's an episode of The Simpsons called "Hurricane Neddy." In it, a hurricane hits Springfield, but only Ned Flander's house is destroyed. Shortly thereafter, the citizens of Springfield band together to rebuild Ned's house. But as Homer and others give him a tour of the rebuilt home, Ned discovers it's poorly constructed and eventually it collapses.

Ned, who is already frustrated by the hurricane and has even begun to question his faith, then begins to rebuke all of his neighbors who tried to help him. Confronting Ned's hostility, Marge explains that the townspeople had good intentions. But Ned's reply is that his family can't live in good intentions.

I don't know, maybe that's too long a story given this segue, but I want to apply that idea to what you wrote about in your Ink posts, Jason. Because it seems to be me that you're awarding Ink points due to its good intentions.

Are we supposed to pat anyone on the back who makes a film? I don't mean to be a jerk to you or to any filmmaker that we talk about on these blogs. Personal attacks on strangers are so pathetically common on the blogosphere, and I never intend to stoop to that level. But by the same token, I don't want to give credit to strangers or throw them a bone if I think their films stink.

I'm not saying that you weren't genuine in your assessment of Ink, Jason. I think you were completely honest and I do respect your opinion. I just want to address what you wrote about seeing through the flaws of the film, thereby allowing you to interpret what a scene or actor is really trying to communicate. But maybe I don't fully understand the point you're trying to make. Forgive me, if that's the case. But again, it does feel like you're trying to give Ink points for good intentions. I would agree that Winans has good intentions, too, but his film still stinks in my mind.

I realize that a lot of what I criticized about Ink is probably considered an "easy target," but that doesn't make those points any less valid. Winans wrote a sci-fi drama, and mostly it comes off looking worse than a Syfy original movie...and it often feels too ridiculous to be taken seriously. Like Ned, I can't live in/love something that only has good intentions; maybe I can deal with visitation rights?? But I need to see something valuable up on the screen for me to give it props.

And I know I've never addressed you in this kind of way before, Jason, but know that I'm just trying to get some friendly debate going on here and am in no way looking to pick a fight. Even though we've never met, consider me a friend who's speaking to you in a way that isn't pugnacious at all. Ben, feel free to address any of these points, if you want to. I like a lot of the points that you made about the film in your post, even if I don't necessarily agree. But I thought you laid your thoughts and feelings out very clearly. Love both you guys.

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