Monday, January 16, 2012

Facts vs. Truthiness

I'm a lazy researcher. And in the case of Meek's Cutoff, I went with truthiness over fact. After kicking the hornet's nest, I'm back to say that I agree with John. And I take back what I said about it being silly to call Meek's Cutoff a 2010 film. And not because I'm a pussy or because John broke my will (again), but because of the fact that Meek's played in multiple cities in 2010. In my mind, no matter how limited the release, as long as it plays in multiple cities, I'm going with that year.

And John wanted a number on how many cities it needs to play in. I'll go with two. When I submitted my post yesterday, I was under the impression that Meek's Cutoff only played at the Toronto Film Festival in 2010. I also completely agree that it doesn't matter which system we use, as long as we use one. Jeff makes a great point about A Brighter Summer Day. He makes another great point about Ewoks: The Battle For Endor. Anyway, I have no plans to challenge any of your lists, and I don't think we really need to keep this going. I'm just going on record with my revised system and now my revised 2010 list:

1. Certified Copy
2. The Social Network
3. Another Year
4. True Grit
5. 13 Assassins
6. Meek's Cutoff
7. Blue Valentine
8. Uncle Boonme
9. Inception
10. Winter's Bone

HM: Shutter Island, Black Swan, The American, 127 Hours

On the fence: Cold Weather

Toilet Bowl: Tiny Furniture

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