Friday, October 14, 2011

A Simpsons Discussion (Part 1 of our 434 Part Series)

"I'm an Amendment To Be" video is supposed to be here. Stupid copyright laws.

Sorry non-Simpsons nerds and anti-tv folk. Yo, Jeff...time for you to start posting your rankings on your own blog.

The Day the Violence Died is a classic due to that School House Rock Parody - I especially love how right-wing it is. Pretty silly. I assumed it would be near the top of your list because there's a lot of history to it - Itchy & Scratchy history, cartoon/film history, etc. and also Kirk Douglas does a phenomenal job as Chester J. Lampwick. I think I remember watching this when it aired for the first time, but yeah, with me being near the age of 25, it's tough to say whether or not I remember the premier or the syndicated version. You're a lucky old man, John. I do remember live episodes from season 8, though - The Springfield Files, specifically.

Jeff and I used to disagree quite a bit on Bart Sells His Soul - with me liking it more than him. Even though we know I'm not very spiritual and I don't buy into souls, this episode is very sweet and heartfelt (like most of the great episodes this season). The B-story with Uncle Moe's Family Feedback is hilarious. "You drew the stink lines and everything." A nice pick, but I find better jokes and heartwarming moments in Home Sweet Homediddly...

It's pretty awesome that the three of us have the same picks at the two and three spots. Jeff and I have watched King-Size Homer so many times and it still makes us laugh uncontrollably. Our two favorite jokes from that ep. - Jimbo:"I heard that guy's ass has its own congressman." and Movie Theater Owner: "Sir, if you'd just quiet down, I'd be happy to treat you to a garbage bag full of popcorn." It's hard to believe that it took them seven seasons to use this storyline. Homer gaining weight to go on disability is just a perfect concept.

Lisa the Vegetarian also makes so much sense that it's surprising they didn't write it sooner. Homer/Lisa episodes are usually always phenomenal. No exception here; the "veggie-back ride" ending is very touching. And we also have another Beatle episode (too bad we never had the chance to see a John Lennon episode). "Come to Homer's BBBQ - the extra B is for BYOBB."

Lisa the Iconoclast - like the Day the Violence Died - is also memorable for its history. John Swartzwelder wrote a lot of great episodes that developed the world of The Simpsons. Homer as town crier - ye-yeah!

Raging Abe Simpson has some beautiful animation; a very cinematic episode.

I'd be interested to hear why Summer of 4 ft. 2 is at the bottom of your list, John. I was probably too hard on the Treehouse of Horror episode, but I hate the first act so much. That Paul Anka jingle has one of the worst melodies I've ever heard. The computer animation looks really cool in the third act, but otherwise the episode is pretty forgettable. This is the also the first bad TOH ep.

Team Homer is another one that we've seen a million times. I expected it to be a bit higher on your list. I love it more for its jokes than its story, though. "The all ighty ollar. Ha ha ha, I get it."

Last thing that I want to praise...Stop the Planet of the Apes, I want to Get Off! Brilliant. All right...that video needs to be posted as well...

What do you think, gents?

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