Saturday, October 22, 2011

"Don't worry, there aren't any ghouls here..."

Sounds like I missed out on a good time Thursday night. Maybe we can all meet up next Thursday or something?? If not Melancholia, I hope to be getting Attack the Block on Tuesday and maybe we could watch that. Also, as Jeff mentioned, I got the three-in-one copy of The Tree of Life, but I will never use the digital copy - anyone want it?

I'd be interested in seeing your top 50 horror list, Brandon, even though I haven't shown a lot of interest in the genre in past. I agree with John, but lately there's been a slight curiosity for me. Last year I watched The Excorcist and The Amityville Horror (the Brolin version) for the first time. This year I think I might try Halloween ('78) and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre ('74). I think I'd rather watch the originals than the remakes of most of these movies. Who knows, though, I'm a wimp. I plan on doing a horror post soon. I haven't seen anything close to 50 horror films, but I might write a bit on what I have seen and talk about the ones that have scared the hell out of me.

I also watched The Walking Dead ep. 201 based on what you wrote about it, Brandon. Well also, I had planned to catch-up on Boardwalk Empire, but our internet wasn't working, so it was zombies instead. I enjoyed the premier and it definitely reignited my interest in the show. When Carl attempted to pull the knives off of the body in the truck, I began to smirk at how caught-up in the tension I was. The "walkers" sequence you described was gripping and well-done. Agreed.

I see that the 14th season of The Simpsons is soon-to-be on sale for $35. I'd like to check those episodes out, but no way is that season worth that amount. Fox slipping thirty five dollars into each set and telling retailers to allow their patrons to steal them would make more sense to me. But when I was younger, I remember watching episodes that featured Duffman and Disco Stu and they made me laugh. I'm not sure which episodes those were, but they would've had to have been around the 14th season or so; those characters don't make a lot of appearances in 7-13. But also, my sense of humor has changed quite a bit in the last ten years, so I'll probably never like those characters/later episodes as much as I once did. This is also my subtle way of reminding John to post on season seven...shit, now it's less subtle.

Watched The Bridge of the River Kwai during the week. There isn't enough David Lean love in this club. No, I know you guys are big fans (you are, right?). Kwai works on all levels; I love the story and its themes. Genuine class.

Watched The Milky Way yesterday. And speaking of French filmmakers, I haven't seen any Truffaut, but I have plans to watch The 400 Blows soon. With Godard, I've seen Breathless, but at this point, even though it's "pommes et des oranges," give me Bunuel over Godard. This isn't to say that I dislike Godard, though.  

The Milky Way is one hell of a bold film; there's a scene in which a firing squad stands before the Pope. I loved this scene, not at all because of the violence, but because the scene is cut alongside another scene in which one of the main characters is watching a play in the park. After the shots go off, it cuts back to the main character in the park. A man standing next him says, "Did you hear that? It sounded like gunshots." To which the main character replies, "Yes, I was imagining the Pope was being shot." Hooray surrealism!

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