Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Save The Kitties

Now might be a good time to admit that I am not a vegetarian; I just had roast beef for dinner, in fact. Factory farms are just an evil concept to me despite my love for steak and chicken and pork - essentially my hypocrisy, but I never said that people shouldn't eat meat. I just don't want meat that has been shot up with steroids and has been tortured. We should have a barbecue together sometime, John, and I'll offer some notes for that script of yours. Right off the bat, I think it's lacking some disgustingly sexual scenes.

I get some of my news from the Huffington Post (that's right, bitches) but a lot of the time I skip past the news and go straight to the videos of baby animals doing cute things. Now that's the news I care about.

Brandon, I tried not to back PETA 100%, and I do agree with you. They aren't without their problems - but again, those problems seem minuscule compared to what factory farmers do to their animals. But just for talking shit about PETA I'm going to dump some red paint on you...when you least expect it.

Alex recently told us that you're a Cleveland Browns fan. I'm a Philadelphia Eagles fan and when they added Michael Vick to their squad, PETA protested the signing. Eagles fans flipped their shit and starting ripping on PETA in return. I think PETA's reaction to Vick is understandable - the guy tortured and killed dogs and then a couple years later was handed millions of dollars. That has to be infuriating. Having said that, I like Vick and I think he served his time and I believe him when he says that he is reformed and wants to put a stop to all dog fighting.

I enjoyed the gunfight in Heat as well. It's definitely enthralling and bad ass.

And you definitely made sense with your last post. I sort of agree, but I maintain that we've been extremely violent for centuries. Obviously movies didn't influence the crusades. At the same time, John Hinckley saw Taxi Driver and tried to assassinate Reagan as a result. I think it definitely aides, but it isn't the main cause, which maybe you were saying to begin with. And the media being part of the problem is an interesting idea. After Columbine, trench coat teens all over the country wanted to do the same due to the publicity that Columbine got. So to an extent we are desensitized to violence when watching way too many violent films, violent stories on the news - agreed.

Also, I should state that I haven't seen Antichrist. I probably won't see it. But I don't think that it's wrong for the curiosity to be there - even with you and the case of A Serbian Film. It is just a film (simulation, as John notes) - it's not like someone is trying to market a pro-holocaust film with actual footage from concentration camps or anything. So again, I don't want to make it seem as if I want to outlaw torture porn. As Jay Sherman states in that clip - the blame falls more on the viewer. Human Centipede 2 is on its way, and the audience is at fault. But they're the ones watching it, not me...so maybe they aren't at fault at all. It might be lame to take a stance against something and then just back down, but at the end of the day, I just say no to these kinds of movies and I don't really care if others go. But again, I think the filmmakers of A Serbian Film could probably find something better to shoot/say. It also just strikes me as lazy. Essentially you just have to come up with the most fucked up thing you can imagine - then, time to start shooting. There's not a lot of thought to it, and therefore, it loses points and shouldn't be considered art.

Movies and television have probably allowed our imaginations to grow. But while movies/tv can plant ideas in our head, there needs to be something else there to make us act on those ideas.

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