Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Gangsters and Dads

 Top 5 Gangster Films (So Far Edition)

1. The Godfather
2. The Godfather Part II
3. Reservoir Dogs
4. Mean Streets
5.  Bonnie and Clyde

I tried to make a list of ten, but in order to do that I would have to list movies that I don't really care about - like The Untouchables and Scarface ('83). It kinda pisses me off that I've seen Barton Fink but I haven't seen Miller's Crossing; I have it in my queue though and intend to watch it soon. I also need to see some James Cagney films, as that would really help me out.

I also tried to list movies that weren't covered by Brandon or Jeff, so that's why I have Reservoir Dogs listed and I don't have Pulp Fiction; same with Mean Streets and the exclusion of Goodfellas, though I really love Mean Streets and rate it very highly. The Godfather vs. The Godfather Part II is a tough call, but I think I'm close to deciding that I'll always love part I more than part II.


Brandon, given the similarity with our childhoods, I am glad to hear that your Dad has redeemed himself. I wish I could say the same of mine, but unfortunately things seem to have only gotten worse; I no longer fear him, but he annoys me more now than he ever has. But I wouldn't say that there isn't the potential for things to get better. While I don't necessarily respect my father, I do love him.

I'm really curious about how much the audience influenced my feelings on Tree of Life. Had I not been annoyed by the people around me in the theater, maybe I would have been able to find faults in the film. It's possible, but I doubt it.

I wouldn't say that it's a flaw of yours to find fault in the things you love. It does make sense because it's so hard to define perfection. I do it, too, but I think there are a handful of films that I wouldn't change a thing about. Right now, Tree of Life makes the list. And I think I am on board with John's assessment of the film's achievement. But better to hear it from a more credible source like him.

Jeff, agreed. I think we both love Tree of Life and Synecdoche, New York for the fact that both movies say so much about life/existence in such a small amount of time.

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