Thursday, May 16, 2013

Looking Forward To...

Ben, like you, I'm eagerly anticipating BEFORE MIDNIGHT and ONLY GOD FORGIVES. To a much lesser extent, I also want to see STAR TREK: INTO DARKNESS.

I check out daily (which is one of the reasons why I've been thinking more and  more about expanding TV club), and they had a preview for this summer's non-blockblusters. Here's the link to that article:,97506/

That article also has a link for their blockbuster preview as well; both are pretty helpful/informative and I'd recommend giving them a glance.

In the non-blockbuster write-up, I did see the trailer for Joss Whedon's MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING. It looked interesting, but I don't think I'd ever pay money to see it. If I can see it for free and I'm feeling a little bored, I might check it out. And sure, the film is perhaps worthy of a better endorsement than that, but still...that's how I feel right now.

I don't know what to think of BLING RING; actually, I think I can muster up, "it looks vomit-inducing." There's a chance it has something interesting to say, but I can't say that I care too much about what that would be. I do like Sophia Coppola, though, and even gave SOMEWHERE a chance. It was all right, but agreed, she can do much better than she has been lately.

Even though I didn't really like DISTRICT 9, I'm pulling for Neil Blomkamp. Hopefully I can someday enjoy one of his movies as much as people seemed to enjoy DISTRICT 9. But I'm very skeptical that ELYSIUM will do the trick.

BEFORE MIDNIGHT and ONLY GOD FORGIVES seem to be the cream of the crop this summer. Like Jeff, I've avoided all teasers and trailers for BM. Although I'm quite sure I accidentally read a spoiler in a Julie Delpy interview the other week. Damn you, Delpy! I'd like to re-watch BEFORE SUNRISE and SUNSET before seeing the third installment, so hopefully I can find the time.

In my mind, it's going to be tough for Nicolas Refn and the Gos to top DRIVE; I'm still expecting ONLY GOD FORGIVES to be very damn good, though. Slick looking trailer, indeed; it's a fun one to look at.

I've never been a Star Trek fan but I did enjoy J.J. Abram's 2009 film. Yeah, it was good enough, but there was plenty of room for improvement; so I do hope the sequel surpasses it. I'm a big fan of the Benedict Cumberbatch, and I'm looking forward to what he can do as a villain. I'll probably see this one with Jeff and our Dad (who is a legit trekkie).

Also on my radar:
  • FRANCES HA. It could easily be a non-experience, but I've got somewhat high hopes for it. I like Noah Baumbach and all, but admittedly, he really needs to step up his game.
  • Alfonso Cuaron's GRAVITY looks pretty rad. It definitely has my attention. I'd make a joke about Sandra Bullock being lost in space, but who has the energy for that kind of thing anymore?
  • MAN OF STEEL. Excited for a Zack Synder/Russell Crowe film? You bet I...ah, wait...what? No, I am excited for this one despite the casting for both paternal figures to Kal-El/Clark Kent. But come on, Michael Shannon is General Zod...that's must-see stuff. I'm also intrigued by the way Superman is going to be portrayed in this one. It's a Hollywood film, so he'll ultimately be mankind's hero. But he does appear to come off as a little indifferent in the trailers. There's a complexity to Superman that hasn't been explored in any of the previous films (minus SUPERMAN 3 with Richard Pryor).
  • BLUE JASMINE (dir. Woody Allen). TO ROME WITH LOVE was better than I thought it would be; Woody is still making fine work. BLUE JASMINE has Cate Blanchett, Michael Stuhlbarg, and Louis C.K. so there are plenty of reasons to see it, in my opinion.
  • I'M SO EXCITED (dir. Pedro Almodovar). Should be funny and enjoyable.
  • I'm really like these bullets.
  • And hey, maybe PRINCE AVALANCHE (dir. David Gordon Green) will be's possible, right? What do you think, JohnO?
  • I still need/want to see MUD and TO THE WONDER.

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