Friday, January 11, 2013

Not ready for a 2012 list either...

I think I'll go ahead and steal John's idea. Here are my updated top ten lists for 2011 and 2010...


1. The Tree of Life
2. A Separation
3. Drive
4. Take Shelter
5. Le Havre
6. Hugo
7. The Kid with a Bike
8. The Skin I Live In
9. Attack the Block
10. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

HM (listed in order): Damsels in Distress, Midnight In Paris, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Mill and the Cross.

Since I posting a list last year, Drive has overtaken Take Shelter for the #3 spot. I have re-watched both since posting my list and, over that period, I've grown to love and appreciate Drive a lot more than Jeff Nichols' film...which is still pretty damn good in my mind. Drive isn't #1 on my list because I don't think it is the best film of 2012, but it probably is my favorite film from that group.

The Kid with a Bike jumped The Skin I Live In for the #7 spot. I've re-watched TSILI but have yet to re-watch TKwaB. This change is do the fact that Almodovar's film lost some of its appeal now that I'm aware of the "twist" in the film's story. It's still a really good film, though.

I really wish I could get Damsels in Distress on there somehow. I'm tempted to bump Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. I should really re-watch both and then decide. And I know I could add Whit Stillman's film to my 2012 list (I won't, though, for consistency), because it would definitely crack my top ten. Still have plenty of lost for Midnight In Paris as well, John. ;)


1. Certified Copy
2. The Social Network
3. Another Year
4. True Grit
5. 13 Assassins
6. Meek's Cutoff
7. Inception
8. Blue Valentine
9. Uncle Boonme
10. Winter's Bone

HM (listed in order): Shutter Island, The American, Toy Story 3, Black Swan, 127 Hours.

No changes since my last update...which, I don't even remember when that was.

I would really like to re-watch Certified Copy and Another Year. I don't own either, but the former is on NWI. I still stand by The Social Network; love that David Fincher.

Still standing by Inception as well; I still enjoy it. I can't say that I care too much about #'s 8-10 and my honorable mentions. I do like them and think they're better than the other films I saw from that year, but yeah, I admit that I'm not crazy about them either.

Before I make my 2012 list, I still want to see: Holy Motors, Tabu, Rust & Bone, and Zero Dark Thirty. Those are the films that I think would shake my list up. I still would like to see: Argo, Seven Psychopaths, Premium Rush, Silver Linings Killer Joe, Playbook, Life of Pi, though I have doubts that they would make it (for one reason or another). I probably shouldn't do that/view those movies in that way...but that's the way it is. I added Beasts of the Southern Wild to my queue, which is currently available on Netflix/DVD, but there's a good chance I won't get around to seeing it for a while.

Last year I wrote a post on my version of The Golden Globes with my own personal nominees and winners. I'll probably do that again after I post my top ten list.

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