Sunday, September 9, 2012

Oh no...beta!

 A quick ranking of the films in V/H/S:

1. Second Honeymoon
2. Amateur Night
3. 10/31/98
4. The Sick Thing That Happened to Emily When She Was Younger
5. Tape 56
6. Tuesday the 17th

Having typed all that, I have agree with John that V/H/S is ONLY worth watching in a setting similar to our experience. We had a great crew and it made everything more enjoyable. We shared a few laughs and some moments of confusion and anger (McQuaidddddddddd!!!).

I have yet to see The Innkeepers or The House of the Devil but I've obviously heard plenty of good things about Ti West from Jeff and Brandon. Jeff also played that West interview for me last Friday - it's an interesting interview and it helped to affirm that Second Honeymoon was the best of the bunch. It's the only one rooted in reality and for that reason, it's effective and a bit more haunting than the other films. And even though found footage is an embarrassing gimmick, West was the only one to play by the rules. This twist was also my favorite; there are some nice clues along the way but mostly you don't see it coming. It might've moved just a tad too slow for me, though, but I'm aware of what he was trying to do.

I feel kinda sorry for the bug-eyed demon chick in Amateur Night. The way she says, "I like you" is kinda heartbreaking at the end. But I like think that after carrying Camera Glasses up in the sky, they eventually worked things out. About time the dudes from The Hangover got what they deserved. This one was creepy and set a tone and mood that was perfect for the genre.

Actually, the only thing I truly appreciate about 10/31/98 is the special effects. Beautiful work, especially with the window on the front door and the midair dinner plates. Nicely done. The ending is weak, though...even with the interesting twist.

There are definitely moments where I really appreciate The Sick Thing That Happened to Emily... but it would've benefited from cleaner execution. Yes this one is the most "high concept," but still. It's issues are glaring and it comes off as ridiculous/laughable at times.

Calling Tape 56 "pointless" as Jeff does is pretty spot-on. If it weren't for Randy/Dennis/Glenn McQuaid, it would probably be everyone's whipping boy. I understand you need frame/set-up these tapes in some fashion, but there's a definite air of confusion surrounding this wraparound. I'd ask for more development, but at a running time of 116 minutes, the film is already too long.

Tuesday the 17th. Poor marks across the board. Every decision Glenn McQuaid made was awful and since I have nothing positive to say, I'll just move on.

The lack of scares in V/H/S is evident; I did think it would be much scarier than it was and really that's fine by me. I'm not really a seeker of thrills. The Twilight Zone comparisons are apt because it seems that these filmmakers spent more time working interesting stories with twist endings than they did on trying to scare the audience.

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