Monday, June 4, 2012

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Top 5 reasons why Jeff is the coolest Howard brother:

1. He was the lead singer in a band. Brent Howard was too, but his band sucked. Abandonship ruled!

2. He is the only one out of the three of us who can grow a full beard (he is also the youngest).

3. He's the smartest of the three. If the Big Bang Theory has taught me one thing, it's that smart nerds are cool.

4. He's a trend-setter; he started sporting the Buddy Holly/Woody Allen glasses before everyone else...oh wait...

5. He's the best at coming up with five reasons for something.

All right, Brandon, if a Bainbridge crew was there, then yes, I probably knew some of those guys. And that would also help to explain some those reactions; anyone from Bainbridge is a sick, twisted soul.

Right, we definitely aren't unaffected by the barrage of sex and violence in Game of Thrones, but I imagine we'd both be loyal followers of the series even if there weren't any of that stuff in it. Yes, it helps to keep things lively, but we're more than mostly hooked on the drama of it all, right? Or am I alone here, you buncha horn dogs.

I don't agree with Haneke's views on violence and sex either. Again, I'm more attracted to the discussion of what he's saying vs. what he's actually said. It was never a case of, "buy what Haneke is selling or starve, dumbass." This isn't an elitist rant. I guess my beef still only lies with the the "torture porn" peoples of the world. They're the ones I'm writing off.

Soccer tomorrow night! ...hopefully with Brandon. We'll bring along my Dad's EMT kit. But seriously, though, most of us are out of shape. I think you'd be just fine.

Prometheus this weekend, anyone?

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